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Killer Whales

by on Mar.10, 2013, under General News

Surprisingly,a killer whale is not the same as a normal whale! All whales are mammals, which are related to elephants and humans. However,dolphins are also related to the 32 feet and 10 ton whales,but are much more bad tempered!Did you know that,within one flick of its tail it can kill!This is why they are called […]

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by on Feb.09, 2013, under General News

Amazingly, the Komodo dragon can grow up to a staggering 3 metres long, weighing up to 907 kliograms.Did you know that during last year, 2 people had to get rushed to hospital, due to  bieng attackes by a giant komodo dragon.Surprisngly,there hs been said that there are fewer than 4,000 komodo dragons still in the […]

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Non Chronilogical report on penguins .

by on Feb.07, 2013, under General News

An interesting fact :the name penguin originates from the Latin word ‘pinguis’ . Did you know that a large group of penguins are called rookeries ? Amazingly, in a rookeries , they can have up to 1000 penguins in their groups. Food and Hunting Because penguins are skilled hunters,they are able to hunt down their […]

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by on Feb.07, 2013, under General News

Amazingly  , the scientific name for lions is Panthera Leo . Hard to believe , despite being the most powerful and deadliest cats , their eyes are six times more sensitive to light , than ours . Food and Hunting Silently , the group of lions lurk in the dense grass lands , stalking quietly […]

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by on Feb.07, 2013, under General News

Amazingly,dolphins are very intelligent animals.When they are in the wild,they communicate with each other.Did you know that dolphins have tried to talk like humans,when they are kept in captivity? Hard to believe,in San Francisco two dolphins have tried to copy their owners Food and Hunting Gliding through the deep sea, dolphins sense fish by vibration beneath them.Until the fish […]

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non-chronilogical report komodo dragon

by on Feb.07, 2013, under General News

Despite there being over 3000 different species of lizards this is the biggest- the komodo dragon. Amazingly, it can grow up to 10ft long, that’s as long as a couch! Food and hunting Because the komodo dragon isn’t a fussy eater, he will eat things such as buffalo. However, since it is a carnivore, they […]

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The Nile Crocodile Appearance

by on Feb.06, 2013, under General News

In the hot continent of Africa, lives one of the 13 species of the crocodile family : the Nile crocodile. Amazingly, the Nile crocodile has been thought to being extinct in the early 19th century.Did you know that, the Nile crocodile, is very popular, but mostly common in Africa? Not many people know that, the Nile […]

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homework TIGER

by on Feb.02, 2013, under General News

The tiger is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of 3.3m.Tigers live in a wide range of places, from Turkey to Russia.Not many people know that over the past 100 years tigers have lost over 93% of their habitat.Bounding through the heavy foliage,tigers retract their claws and pounce on their prey.With a black and orange stripy […]

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homework/ Komodo Dragon

by on Feb.01, 2013, under General News

Did you know that the Komodo dragon can grow up to 10 feet long ? That’s as long as a couch!Male dragons can grow up to 2.6 kg , while female grows to 1.5 .No wonder it’s the largest lizard in the world. They can also weigh 300pounds. Both adults and children have yellow sticky tongues, […]

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